The house is ours!

Da da da da da da daaaa… that’s a fanfair. And it’s sounding because we finally, after more than a year of searching, deliberating, ruminating and a bit more searching, are, as of right now, the proud owners of a house among the vineyards of the Langhe.

Langhe farmhouse renovation

No more searching online, refreshing over and over in the desperate hope that something new will flash up on the screen. No more handing out leaflets at cafes. No more traipsing around properties that aren’t big enough, cost too much and are in completely the wrong location. And no more late night discussions about what happens if we never manage to find anywhere!

The final signing of the contracts was nowhere near as awkward as we’d feared, following our falling out with the estate agents last week. The Notaio fancied himself as a bit of a comedian, so that lightened the mood somewhat, and he even gave us a discount on his fees!

Farmhouse Langhe
We bought a house!

So, now the hard work really begins. Actually, tomorrow the hard work really begins. Today’s hard work centres on polishing off a bottle or two of prosecco.

We’ve already got some architects – Alpine Eco  – working on designs. The stuff they’ve come up with so far has been great, they really seem to get what we want to create, so hopefully it won’t be long now until we have some full designs in place and we can get going on the next, no doubt arduous, step of trying to get permission for the work.

Still, today is a day for celebrating and looking forward. I for one can’t wait to get cracking on it! Now pass me my glass…

16 thoughts on “The house is ours!

      1. Just say the word…and if you need any English boys to help out in the summer, I know a couple…Adam

  1. did the Notaio give you a discount for paying cash? that;’s the normal way to do things. Euro 1000 with invoice or Eur 700 without, I give you a discount. Congratulation, is that the one in the picture? wow it’s huge!! I raise my prosecco glass to you, cin-cin amico! buona pasqua!

    1. Thankyou! Yes, it’s the house in the photo. We’re waiting for a nice, sunny day now to take some proper pictures. The notaio gave us a discount just for being us apparently… I think we caught him on a good day! Buona pasqua!

  2. Congratulations!!!! Good luck for the next phase; brush off your English cool, calm collectedness (I know that word doesn’t exist… yet..) to wow the administrative gods that be. If you charmed the sollicitor, you can charm the others too…..

    1. Thank you!! I can feel the coolness and calmness coming back already now that we’ve navigated the estate agent phase. We’re in the excitement phase now and just can’t wait to get started on it!

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