Permission Granted

Piemonte farmhouse renovatingI come bearing good news… as you may have guessed from the title of this post, we have just received planning permission for our renovation.

Last month our geometra disappeared. We’d finalised the plans and left them to him to submit, but he didn’t, he just vanished. He stopped answering his phone, never returned calls and was constantly out of the office. After a couple of weeks of this, we took matters into our own hands and headed into the Municipio (town hall) to talk with the ufficio tecnico (town planner/architect) and see if he knew anything. We felt a bit bad going in behind our geometra’s back, but this wasn’t our fault, we had to do something.

The first time we submitted our plans, a couple of months ago, they were refused by the planning committee and our geometra said that they wanted us to make everything look very traditional. We weren’t happy with this as neither of us like ‘fake old’. We’re more than happy to keep the old parts in a traditional style, but we think the agricultural parts that we’re renovating now should look they’ve been renovated now. We know it’s not something that’s to everyone’s taste, but we think it’s a more honest approach, and more true to the building’s origins as well. It seemed we didn’t have much choice though; if we wanted to pass (and we really wanted to pass), traditional it was.

However, talking to the ufficio tecnico, we discovered that this wasn’t the case at all. We needed a more united plan, but the whole ‘traditional’ thing had been a misunderstanding. He was confident that some of the modern touches would be fine. So, poor Alpine Eco, our long-suffering architects, got yet another call and had to quickly draw up yet another set of plans. Which they did, because they’re great!

It’s this more modern approach that has been approved, so it turns out that, weirdly, an AWOL geometra can actually be a good thing. Or maybe it’s just a case of if you want something done properly, do it yourself. Either way, we got we wanted and it’s onwards and upwards now!

Renovation design2
Sadly, I don’t think the cars come with the renovation

18 thoughts on “Permission Granted

  1. Very pleased for you. Our experience of geometras is that they are a load of toss…..s. Of course, he may have just gone off to Il Mare like so may others. The plans look great and somewhere for us to stay when we finally visit Piemonte!

  2. Wooooo! Give it a few years and those cars will be on the driveway (although at first they may just belong to your guests…)

  3. great news! time for a first bottle to be opened. Looking forward to reading the next chapter…

    1. …and don’t forget the Range Rover, perfect for all those tiny village streets. I think architects like these things to be aspirational. I’m not sure where I’m going to park the Citroen though with all these new cars we’ll be getting!

  4. Congratulations Allegra & Rich! Surely to complete the picture, the Camper Van needs to replace the Chelsea Tractor?

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