The Italians are coming!

Not a phrase that has instilled fear into too many people over the years, granted, but right now I’m terrified. My wife’s cousins are on their way, eight of them, and it’s down to me to organise a Langhe-filled few days for them.

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So far, all our visitors have been English or American. They’re easy to entertain. For a start, they’re in Italy so they are already excited. Then they’re blown away by the beauty of the area, by the food, the wine, the weather. Walks through the vines, trips to the market, a worker’s lunch (a cheap lunch deal that can be found at a lot of restaurants), everything is exciting.

Not so the Italians. They’ve grown up visiting Cinque Terre and Venice on weekends, they’ve been drinking great wine since they were ten years old and going to the market is nothing more than an inconvenience.

And then there’s the food. The Langhe claims to have the best food in all of Italy, which in turn basically means the best food in the world. But these guys have grown up eating their mother’s food. And as anyone who has ever met an Italian (particularly a male) knows, their mother’s food simply cannot be beaten.

Wish me luck. This is going to be a long long-weekend.

35 thoughts on “The Italians are coming!

  1. I have the same problem when my French in-Laws come: my idea of a festive mean is what they turn out for a quick weektime lunch. Give them all a bit of DIY to do, and suggest that they show you how to cook their favourite meals 🙂 I’m sure you’ll have a great weekend!

  2. Their mother’s food? Some of them, maybe, but most of them by a cook. But, having been one of their parents generation in similar position, I am sure they will simply love it! B

  3. I am one of the 8 Italian cousins. We were 9, actually: they forgot the 2-year-old child. This blog’s author did not cook, in the end, and we did not pick any cachi. Apart from this, everything was great: we loved the place, the house, and everything they organised for us. Thank you!

    1. Ciao Elena! I’m glad you had a good weekend, we really enjoyed having you all here! And no I didn’t cook, the Italians did! 🙂 Sadly, I have to pick the cachi all by myself today though…

  4. Oh right, I haven’t missed part 1…I’m just a bit stupido! lol
    But I still want so truffles…..actually they would be divine shaved over the roast chicken I have in the oven right now, I’ll keep on dreaming

    1. Haha… to be fair, I didn’t make it clear that the previous part was part 1 (mainly because I didn’t know at the time it was going to be part one!)

      Roast chicken with truffle, nice!

  5. So it’s ten years old for wine in Italy? Is that also true in France? My son is keen to go to France because he wants to try wine and (long story short) I promised that if we went to France we would follow local customs. He’s five now. Just wondering what my dangerous window is (10 to thirteen??).

    1. Haha… I said ten but then I saw my two year-old nephew dipping his finger in his father’s wine at every opportunity and forever asking for more. He loves the stuff! So I think two may actually be the cut-off point in Italy. So your window of danger is probably two and up… hope that helps! 😉

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