A Year in the Langhe

We’ve had an amazing time this year.. in fact, words can’t really do it justice. Instead, I thought I’d post a few photos that, to me at least, sum up the past 12 months.

Thanks so much for all your support this year, we really appreciate it, and we hope you all have a wonderful, peaceful, happy Christmas!

Rich, Allegra and Otto (and a rather large bump…)

37 thoughts on “A Year in the Langhe

  1. Thanks for a great blog and some wonderful pics. Best wishes for Christmas and a even better year in 2014 – you have a lot to look forward to!

  2. Wonderful pictures, and nice to see what you both look like šŸ™‚ I enjoyed following your aventures this year and I’m looking forward to reading more next year… Have a wonderful Christmas!
    PS thank you very very muchly for your support on the expats blog contest šŸ™‚

    1. Thanks Lisa, but I hereby promise not to become one those people who is always posting baby photos. If I break that promise, I expect you to pick me up on it! I hope you all have an awesome Christmas!!

  3. Lovely photos! My favourite by far is your header image – just stunning! May I ask what you got planning permission for? If you are looking for any builders my husband is for rent and willing to re-locate. šŸ˜‰ I can DM you photos of the house he built if you’re interested.

    1. Thanks Jennifer! The planning permission is to renovate the fienili at both ends of the house, plus a service area to the rear. We also have to re-do the whole roof, unfortunately. We are looking for builders, but I’m kind of hopeful that we might have found one now… if it comes to nothing I’ll let you know. Are you trying to get rid of your husband!? šŸ˜‰

  4. Hi Richard having a bath in Venice and enjoying reading the blog – you write so well- pleased about the renovation plans and glad you got builders sorted.
    When you reach the decorating stage just let us know. We will come down and help… Happy Christmas Tasos

    1. Thanks! The snowboarding shot is actually from Madonna di Campiglio in the Dolomites. There are a few great places around here too though, (Artesina, Limone Piemonte…), I just don’t have any photos unfortunately. Maybe your next trip should be in early spring so that you can combine the wine and food with a bit of skiing!

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