And breathe…

The past couple of months have been ridiculous. We haven’t stopped. Sanding, painting, filling, painting again, chasing, deciding, organising, calling, sanding and a bit more painting. Finally though, all that work is starting to pay off as the house is really coming together. Either that or the lack of sleep is making us lose our minds and we just think it’s coming together…

On the inside, we still have a day or two’s work for the plumbers and electricians, but apart from that it’s pretty much done. Now we need to buy some furniture, paint some furniture that we’ve already bought and put up a few pictures. Oh, and put in some doors, but that’s just a minor thing!

It’s the outside, though, where the biggest changes have been taking place. The swimming pool is finished and looks amazing (it also feels amazing after a long, hot day’s work!), the stone paths are done, the gravel is down and the garden is pretty much ready for grass to be sown. My evenings are now being spent researching flowers, plants and trees on the internet in an attempt to figure our what will grow here, and at what time of year. How life has changed.

I’ll leave you with a few photos from the past couple of days…

Wall rose path The dig digging Pool wide Stone path going in Pool close

14 thoughts on “And breathe…

  1. Looking really good! I remarked to husband that it would have been great to have a pool on our property but then he said 2 things:
    1. we would have to ask the neighbor if we could use part of his yard (of which he does nothing but let it grow over with weeds anyway), and
    2. the westie would take ownership of the pool because she is absolutely mad for jumping into water. Streams, at the lake, you name it, she dives right in.
    I wonder what Otto thinks of the pool.

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