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That was 2015

2015. It’s been, erm… well, it’s been a year. It’s safe to say there have been some ups and downs, so many in fact that this feels more like a counselling session than writing a blog. Anyway, let me begin…

We started the year the proud owners of a building site. There was rubble, mud and a beautiful roof, but not much else. As winter turned to spring, we literally dug ourselves out of our tiny rental house down the hill and as the weather warmed up so everything started to slowly take shape.

Langhe snow vines
It was cold…
building site Langhe 2015
And it was muddy…
And now it’s warm and not muddy anymore!

At Easter, we were able to move in. It was the realisation of many years of dreaming and several years of hard graft, and it was also when the real work started. With the arrival of our first guests looming we had a lot still to do… there was a swimming pool to build, dozens of windows and shutters to sand and paint, walls to fix, furniture to find and railings to paint. For two weeks I did nothing but paint railings!

Bee and Otto railings
Look at those railings!

For three months it felt like we were living in the final 10 minutes of a house makeover show.

By mid-July, we were working faster than ever, but the end was in sight and finally we could see that we were going to make it… just. With our first guests arriving the next day we downed tools around 10pm for a celebratory beer. At which point poor little Otto was attacked by another dog. He spent the next four days going through one life-saving surgery after another. We spent those four days crying.

By the time our first, wonderful, understanding guests left two weeks later, Otto was back home with us and had been nicknamed Frankendog due to the stitches which covered his entire body.  He has since made a full recovery and is now as sprightly and awesome as ever.

Otto schnauzer
I’m back!!

Summer soon became autumn and with guest after guest arriving it all became a bit of a blur. I know we did a lot of cleaning… but looking at the photos I can see that we also truffle hunted and truffle ate, we cycled, walked, hiked, swam and drank wine with great friends, new and old.

Sol Witt La Morra
We posed for photos too

In November we finally closed our doors for the season and went on holiday. I’ve never needed a holiday more.

Holiday time

And now we’re back and preparing for next year, which is already looking rather busy. Summer is more or less full, with a few guests booking in for spring and autumn too. So, if you are interested in coming to stay, please do get in touch before it’s too late.

You could be drinking a glass of Barolo right here!
Or here…

And did I mention that we have a name now too? Villa Ribota. In Piemontese dialect a ‘Ribota’ is a coming together, a gathering of friends and family, and it also just so happens to combine all our initials. There’s even a website, check it out here!

And that was our 2015. It’s been quite the year. Thank you so much for all your love and support, it’s really kept us going at times. And now all that’s left is to wish you all a wonderful Christmas and a great 2016!

Autumn sunset Monviso
Happy New Year!


16 thoughts on “That was 2015

  1. Well done! I first came across your blog in September of last year and it has inspired me to follow in your footsteps. Well not exactly, I don’t intend to build or rent out lodging in Langhe, but we are considering it as a place to move to, and start a business. I’m happy it’s working out for you 🙂 It’s been a crazy four months for us and it will definitely be a busy year in 2016 as we move towards our goal, hopefully we will get to visit some time next year! Happy well deserved Christmas and an even better New Year.

  2. Ciao bella,Gosh I have enjoyed your posts and please keep it up !!
    I am in New Zealand but Italia is my favourite place on earth.
    Have a wonderful,happy and healthy Christmas and thanks for everything.You “Guys”are wonderful.
    Much love from Kiwiland.

  3. WHAT. A. YEAR! It’s amazing how when you’re in the moment you’re just living it, trying to get through another day and yet when you look at all the days in one giant chunk – man! It’s ridiculous how much you accomplish in just 365 days! Here’s wishing you and your lovely family a wonderful 2016 with more ups than downs!

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