vineyard walk La Morra

The art of walking and drinking

There’s a thing here in Italy called a ‘Camminata Enogastronomica’, which is quite the mouthful… literally. Before moving here I’d never heard of it. The closest thing we have in the UK is a pub crawl, but to say that’s not quite the same is something of an understatement.

The general premise is you go on an organised walk, usually of about 6km or so. You’re given a wine glass to hang nonchalantly around your neck and off you set. About one kilometre in you’ll stop and be given a plate of food, usually aperitivi, something like cheese, salami, prosciutti, and a glass of wine. You’ll hang out there for a bit and then head back out on the walk. After another kilometre, there will be another stop, this time you’ll be given a primo, maybe pasta or risotto and, of course, more wine. And so it continues until you reach the end, at which point you will be surrounded by dozens of new friends and there is usually a bit of music and something of a party.

I feel quite confident in saying there is no better way to spend an afternoon. You have everything… exercise, fresh air, friendship, food and wine.

vineyard walk La Morra
Walking through the vines at Mangialonga

The most famous of these walks (I can only talk for the Langhe here…) is Mangialonga, which takes place in La Morra every August (this year it’s Sunday 25th). Biggest isn’t necessarily best though. There are loads of smaller walks throughout the year which, in my view at least, are far more enjoyable.

Wine La Morra dog
Even dogs are given their own wine glass. Otto is a big fan of barkolo… (do you get it!?)

There’s Porte Disne (Click Here) in Canale d’Alba, where they even give you your own picnic hamper to take around with you; Nocciolonga (see what they did there?) in Castellero; SentieriinGusto in Treiso (Click Here); Sori di Diano d’Alba (Click Here); and one that we just returned from in the king of Langhe villages, Novello… a place where things are always taken to the next level, and where they not only have a walk, but it takes place at night, on the longest day of the year!

The walk started and finished in the Piazza by the Castello and took in a few of the local borgate and even a nice view of the legendary Villa Ribota. I’ll let the photos and my sore head do the talking, but suffice to say it was a great event!


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