Barolo motorbike tour

Touring the Langhe with 200 Vespas

Every year in early-ish July, Novello is abuzz (you’ll get it soon…) with the sound of 200 or so Vespas (there you go), as it plays host to Angeli in Vespa, a charity Vespa rally. Every age, shape and colour of bike imaginable turns up and they all head out for a ride around the Langhe hills, with an aperitivo en route, of course, followed by lunch back in Novello.

We usually hire a couple of Vespas and join in, but this year we were given a rather special honour… we were asked to lead the rally in Little Green Car, our 1966 Fiat 500. I’ll confess now, I did take a wrong turn towards the end, which wasn’t exactly ideal, but it all turned out okay in the end. And driving through the hills, hooting and waving at everyone, with 200 Vespas in the rear-view mirror was pretty magical.

I’ll let the photos tell the story, but suffice to say if you are lucky enough to be in the Langhe when the rally is on next year, you would be crazy not to hire yourself a Vespa and join in!

Langhe Barolo Vespa tour
Ready to set off. Me? Nervous? Never…
Barolo motorbike tour
It was pretty cool to see so many Vespas in the rearview mirror
Winery Novello Vespa tour
After a tough 30 minutes of riding, you need an aperitivo…
Vespa Rally Langhe drone
The Aperitivo stop at San Silvestro winery
Motorbike Barolo Langhe
The rally heading out of La Morra
Piemonte Vespa tour
The final stop was in the centre of Novello
Langhe festa Angeli in Vespa
For lunch, of course…

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