The lockdown continues

We’re two weeks into lockdown now and we’re all still alive, healthy and (relatively) happy. Since I wrote last the rules have become even tighter here… last week we were surviving by going for lots of walks in the vineyards and forests, but that has now been outlawed too. We are allowed to walk, but only near to our house. As always with Italian laws, there is plenty of wiggle room in the wording, but I think our nice two-hour walks might be off the table for now. Also, all non-essential places of work are now finally being closed and we are not allowed to leave our comune (Novello) unless it is an emergency. 

Until recently, I was under the impression that the vast majority of people were following the rules, but it turns out my faith was somewhat misplaced, and this tightening of the rules is a reaction to the fact that people are still out wandering the streets, visiting the supermarket five times a day just for something to do, going to friends’ houses for aperitivi and even meeting up for parties. 


Unlike almost everyone on facebook, I’m not a fully-qualified epidemiologist with vast experience of pandemics, but even I know that this sort of behaviour is not helping anyone. If you’re just starting out in lockdown/self-isolation/sheltering-in-place, please just do it properly, for the sake of everyone. 

As for us, we’re kind of getting into it now… Bee has video lessons which are something akin to the first transmission from the moon, with both picture and sound cutting out incessantly. In terms of learning, they are pointless, but at least they give her something to look forward to and she gets to see all her friends gurning into their webcams. We’ve been doing lots of cooking (with walking now more or less banned I think I might need to widen the front door when this thing’s over), we’ve put a tent in the garden, which serves a dual purpose as playroom and decompression zone and we’ve been getting through all the jobs that we’ve wanted to do for years but never got around to.

We all have days when we’re just not feeling it, or when the isolation gets a bit much, but I guess that’s to be expected. We just keep reminding ourselves that one day this will all be over. Nobody (apart from the facebook experts) knows when that day will come, but hopefully it will be sooner rather than later. The Italian government is expecting the number of infections to peak this week, so for now we all just have to sit tight and wait.

15 thoughts on “The lockdown continues

  1. Hi from Brittany where we too are on lockdown and can no longer go onto the beach (in front of house) or along the seafront on foot/bikes – nor to the woods. But thanks for the great idea of putting up a tent for the kiddies!! We must all pull together, and sometimes good old-fashioned top-down leadership is needed when people lack common sense. All the best to you, take care and stay safe!

    1. Hi Ann, it must be so hard to look at the beach but not go out there! And you’re totally right about leadership… it seems they always start by encouraging people to do the right thing, but in the end just have to lock everyone down!

  2. I found this really interesting – and good to hear you’re free of the virus so far. Keep blogging!

    (Forwarded to me by Catriona’s aunt. If you want to keep the blog private I won’t access any more.)

      1. We are fine, in lockdown…. lets see how things pan out but I’m guessing it will be longer than March 31st. The same way in Italy, the lockdown is expected to be longer.

  3. Hang in there guys!! If you want reassurance that it could be worse, check out the recent pics of our college students on spring break in Florida. Facepalm…..

  4. So glad to read of the ways in which you are all coping, Rich. I assume that things are now starting to get back to normal? Any idea when you will open again? I hope we aren’t in lockdown long enough to consider 2-hour vineyard walks a fairy tale! Take care! Love to Bee!

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