Serralunga d'Alba autumn views castello Langhe

Goodbye autumn, bring on the winter!

It’s been a while since I last wrote anything. So long, in fact, that we’re now in an entirely different season. Everything was autumnal back then. The vines were changing colour, the hillsides were covered in yellows and reds, the white truffle fair was in full swing and it was still warm enough to eat outdoors. Not anymore. Winter has arrived, and it’s already looking like being a cold one. The mountains have turned white, which bodes well for the approaching ski season, and we’re due to get our first snow this weekend. I can’t wait!

Southern Alps Langhe

For our part, we’ve been pretty busy. Not with any of the things we’re supposed to have been doing, like renovating a house, that’s still going nowhere (if our Geometra ever answers the phone he’s going to get shouted at. Which, I guess, is why he never answers the phone), but with much more exciting things like chopping down trees (yep, I’m allowed to use a chainsaw now), stacking wood, welcoming guests and getting ready for the imminent arrival of a mini Living in the Langhe.

Serralunga d'Alba autumn views castello Langhe

My parents came for a quick visit last weekend. They don’t eat meat and don’t particularly drink wine (I guess sometimes the apple can fall a really long way from the tree…) so they’re not exactly a perfect fit for the Langhe, but we had a great time. We showed them around the Alta Langa (a slightly higher, more rural area not far from here), took loads of photos, visited the truffle fair in Alba, where we tried some rather interesting cheeses, and had some wonderful meals.

Murazzano autumn

And we just said goodbye to our most recent visitor; a meat-loving, red wine-quaffing friend. Now that’s the sort of visitor we expect around here. He bought a lot of wine.

This weekend, we’ve been invited to my first ever thanksgiving dinner (we’re really getting into Italian culture…) and then we’re off to Chamonix for a very important three-day meeting with our architects. The fact that my snowboard is waxed, sharpened and sitting next to the door is completely coincidental.

So, while our frustration at the lack of action on the house renovation front continues to grow, we’re still managing to get by. It’s hard to stay grumpy for too long when you’re waking up to views like the one below every day. Now, bring on the snow!

Piemonte autumn 1

26 thoughts on “Goodbye autumn, bring on the winter!

    1. Thanks! It’s great, I really missed having a camera for the couple of months I was without. In case the burglars are reading though (I’m sure they’re big fans…), it’s rubbish. Definitely not worth stealing.

  1. Looks like you’re going to have fun in the snow! And you’re celebrating Thanksgiving in Italy? Now that’s a first (I’m assuming your host is American?). In that case, I’ll wish you a Happy Thanksgiving 🙂 Looking forward to seeing the replacement of those gorgeous Autumn pictures of the Langhe with some equally gorgeous Winter scenes!

    1. Thanks, and a happy Thanksgiving to you too! I think I need to do some research, I have no idea what to expect, apart from lots of food… I’m quite excited about heading out with my camera, I just hope it actually snows now!

  2. We’ve already had some snow and it’s so beautiful. Can’t believe you are still getting no response on the reno front how frustrating. We have been meaning to get over for a visit but like you we are trying to seal the house up before Winter really hits, sadly not qwaffing red wine.
    So happy to hear from you and sending love to the three of you and of course to Otto xxx

    1. Hi Lisa – we’ve been looking at all your snowy updates and getting very jealous. It does sound rather cold though! Allegra was marvelling earlier at the idea of a teabag freezing in the cup…

      We’re just waiting on one quote now, and no amount of hassling seems to make any difference. Until we get it we just can’t do anything. It’s frustrating, but we’re doing our best to not get cross about it.

      Great to hear from you, and it’s awesome to see how much progress you guys are making. It looks like you’re nearly ready for winter now!

  3. Oh I knew your mountains would look fantastic in white! So have you a bun in the oven?
    Sounds like you’ve had a great month and I’m jealous of the white truffle festival- enjoy the snow my boys are dying for it to snow!!

    1. Its certainly been a busy month! Yep, and only a month or so to go now… scary stuff! I’m sure the snow will be heading your way soon, it sounds like the whole of Italy is getting pretty cold right now!

      1. Woohoo! Congrats on your up and coming family member, what a fun winter you’ll have. The frosts are beautiful here and days crisp and cold so I’m not complaining

  4. Looks like you’re keeping busy. Love your pics and waiting with baited breath to read the first post written by Daddy Living in The Langhe. I’d send a couple of the first nappies to the geometra by post to remind him of your existence if he won’t answer the phone.

    1. Now that’s a good idea… it would definitely get his attention! Maybe I could leave a trail of them all the way from his office to our house, it would be a bit like Hansel and Gretel but way more stinky!

  5. Just found your blog and now I want to renovate a farmhouse in the Langhe TOO. Lovely post!
    P.s. Perhaps you saw us (Wine Pass) at the Truffle Fair? We were at the exit preventing anyone from leaving the fair without taking a postcard with a little wine-o character on it 🙂

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